Renovation or Just Repaint



If you are planning on selling your house shortly, you should consider renovating it. This is because it has been shown that renovating your house tends to add value to your property thus you end up selling the house at a higher price.


Some buyers are usually picky when it comes to the homes that they are buying. For example, if a house has minor flaws such as a faded ceiling, some buyers maybe repelled by it and not be interested.


This will result to your property staying in the market for a long time. When you renovate your house, you tend to impress many buyers thus your property is quickly bought and gets out of the market.


How to renovate your house


If you have decided to upgrade your property, you should remember that there are two main areas that you should always learn to give special attention to. This is the kitchen and bathroom.


Experts have proved that these are the main areas that potential customers look to decide whether they will buy your property or not. To make your property attractive, you should ensure that you thoroughly renovate these two rooms in the best way possible.


When it comes to the other rooms, you don’t need to do major fixes; you only need to make the most necessary repairs. You should patch holes and cracks and repaint them. You should also replace malfunctioning parts such as leaky faucets, broken windows, old linens, light fixtures, and window coverings.


It’s also advisable that you repaint the entire house using a neutral color to make the rooms appealing.


Other than concentrating on the inside of the house, you should put a touch on the outside too. Should it be your lawn is not as green as it ought to be, you should put some sods on it to enhance its appeal.


If you have colorful plants and flowers, you should consider planting then on the lawn to spruce things up. If the paint is chipped or peeled, you should consider repainting it. You should also ensure that the porches and decks are in good condition.


You should remember that the sole intention of polishing the exterior is to entice the potential buyer to take a look at the interior of the house; therefore, you should be as thorough as possible.


Renovations to avoid


Although you should spruce up your home to impress a buyer, there are some cautionary measures that you should take. For example, although, the kitchen and the bedroom are the most important parts of the home that get the attention of a buyer, you should ensure that you don’t go overboard in renovating them.


For example, you should not add high-end countertops and cabinetry in the kitchen. This is because the buyer may see as if you are trying to hide something thus lose interest in the property.


Also, there is no point of spending so much money on high-end appliances, and yet you don’t know the likes and preferences of the buyer. Instead of the high-end appliances, you should add average appliances which are much cheaper.


Keeping things clean before and after a renovation

In a renovation, I’ve found it’s imperative to keep things clean. Or at least as clean as you can manage, given the circumstances.

There’s a lot of reasons why someone might not want to clean up as they renovate or rebuild.

You’ve probably got a lot on your mind already. There are all sorts of concerns, like avoiding accidentally hitting any pipes or wires. You’re concerned about getting everything right because there are plans and you want to make sure they’re being followed.

You probably don’t have time, too. During a renovation, one of your priorities is getting things done as efficiently as you can manage. You don’t want the space to be unusable for too long. Cleaning things up might take up more time than you’re willing to allot from your timetable.

This mindset is problematic if you ask me. Keeping things clean and having good skip bins prepared when you do renovation work is important. There are a few good reasons for that if you ask me.

First, cleaning up is just polite. If you’re doing renovations on someone else’s property, it’s rude to keep the mess there. You’ll want to make an effort to at least clean up after yourself and get the bigger bits of debris out of the way. If you did any damage, you’d better offer to at least clean up after the ruckus.

Second, cleaning up is probably safer for everyone involved. The debris might cause someone to trip. The clutter might scratch and cut, or they might do even worse. Keeping them out of the way and in things like skip bins can make it easier to move around and with far less risk of getting hurt.

Third, keeping the debris clear also lets you survey your work area better. You have a clearer view of the room. You get a better idea of how things are going since there’s less visual distraction. This means you have a better assessment of the work as it progresses.

My last reason is a bit more personal. I just happen to like having a clean work space, whether it’s a renovation or looking over paperwork. Yeah, I know you can’t avoid having some dirt or clutter when you’re tearing up tiles or walls. That doesn’t mean you can’t move them out of the way as you go.

Of course, if you’re cleaning up during a renovation, you’ll want to have reliable containers for the debris. If what you put them into breaks, you’re going to have a worse mess to deal with. For skip bins, I have a few people I know to trust. You can read up on the news about them at the link.

Depending on the extent of the renovation, there are some options. The more work needs doing, the bigger the bins. I might even rent a truck or something if there’s going to be a lot of renovation going on.

Besides, if you keep things clean as you work, you have an easier time cleaning up once the work is done.

How to choose flooring while renovating your house

While renovating the house or to bring a pleasant change, people often change the flooring of the house. Over the period of time, carpets get redundant and floors lose their shine too, demanding a change. There are a number of factors to keep in mind while choosing the flooring such as costs and the alignment of it with the overall d├ęcor of the house. Here are few tips to consider before going for the change of floorings.

  • Easy maintenance

It is important to choose flooring that takes fewer efforts in cleaning and maintenance. Hence, it is wise to choose something that does not catches dirt easily. Tiles and laminates are good options as they are easy to clean.

  • Durability

Floor changing can be an expensive investment for a big house. However, it is very long lasting that will probably last for several years. For this reason, it is essential to give importance to the durability aspect.


  • Cost:

It is wise to research properly about the options available and what fits your budget and home, before deciding on the flooring options. Laminate flooring suits best if you are on a small budget and marble or stone flooring, in case you are ready to spend more money on the flooring of the house.

  • Alignment to lifestyle and style

One of the important factors to consider is the alignment of the flooring with your lifestyle and taste. For instance, in a house full of kids it is better to choose carpet as kids might get hurt from tiles whereas in the house with pets, it is wise to leave some space for carpeting.


Painting Services- modernize your house with a new look!

Having a perfect, cozy and well-kept house is the dream of everyone. Whether it is a newly purchased house or renovating the old one, painting the house is one of the most important aspects of decor. Seeking and using professional painter services such as is one sure shot way of achieving the goal of a perfect house.

Below are some of the reasons why you should think of taking the services of professional painters:

  • Experience: These are the people with the experience of many years in the field of painting and they understand the business thoroughly and all the aspects involved. For e.g. what color or texture to use that compliments the furniture and rest of the house decor, which variety suits best for your walls etc, the professional painter is the answer to all such questions.
  • Range: Another advantage of hiring the professional painter is the range of services they provide. You can get the services for your office space, studio, gym or any other workplace. They do a fine job of doing justice to the painting project of any setup.
  • Affordability: Unlike the common belief that the professional painter services are expensive, they are much affordable with a simple process, saving you lot of time, effort, and money in order to rejuvenate your house or office. Starting with a no obligation quote, to bringing in best of talented, professional and experienced workers, they make the project very smooth.

It is wise to invest in the professional painter services if you are looking to re-invent your house with minimal hassle. They completely own the project, once you hire them, and finish the task with great satisfaction and as per your expectations.


A quick history

So was I always into renovations.
I certainly was not, it was actually one of the last things that I expected to be doing.

I spent over 5 years working in the child care industry in Brisbane for Child Care Courses Brisbane, and after leaving them earlier last year, expected to take my training qualifications elsewhere.


However with soem time of in between jobs, and a kitchen falling apart so much you were scared to enter, I decided that I Better Gets my Hammer and fix it up with the spare time I had.

And you know what happened next? I loved it, absolutely loved it.
Whacking, banging, breaking, fitting, flushing, finishing and more.
It was exciting, it was accomplishing and it was something different and hands on.

I now would no longer have to use my words to make magic happen, I would use my hands instead.
So watch this space, as I too renovate it into a masterful blog on renovations.

A renovation Site

A renovation Site is the name of this post, and why is that?
This is a renovations website. Where we will talk all things renovation from inside and outside of the home and office.

A little something like this:

So how is Hammar Bergets related to Renovation. Well in order to renovate you Better Gets your Hammer or Bergets your Hammar or Hammar Bergets.